Sofia Kozeniuk
International contemporary Artist, originally from Ukraine.
Author and curator of the course.

— participating in international group and solo exhibitions

— she has been collaborating as a teacher with the best Ukrainian educational institutions like ArtCraft School, Projector Institute, Skvot

— 2 higher education degrees (including Academic 5 accreditation with the right to teach as an art restorer) and a degree in psychology

— 12 years of studying academic art (7 years of art school and 5 years in the Academy of Fine Art)

Ukrainian existential artist, born in 1997 in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. From the age of 9 until joining the Lviv National Academy of Arts, she studies at the art academic school. After the start of the war in 2014, from 2015 to 2022 she lived in the cities of Kyiv and Lviv. Currently based in the United States.

Participating in international group and solo exhibitions, an artist whose work combines the features of the classical academic approach to figurative painting and modern digital technologies.

She combines the particularities of the artist's hand with the possibilities of digital technology in the format of digital painting, on canvases, as well as in the form of sculpture in virtual reality. А performer that creates sculptural paintings in virtual reality in real-time, demonstrating in the metaverse or on screens to the viewer.


2019 – Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department Restoration Fine of Arts
2018 – Shamoyan Institute, Department of Psychology
2015 – School of Academic Arts


Exploring the peculiarities of revealing the potential through the manifestations of personality in states of vulnerability and sincerity, the artist achieves the creation of an overall visual image that carries an appeal to the primary sources of inner strength. Her ability to exploit and expose these aspects is not limited as she faces both what we suppress and what we expose.

Graduating in the department of psychology, the artist emphasizes the importance of the emergence and absence of internal support in human relations and movements. The artist deliberately detaches from the foundation to portray eternal, honesty in its most careful manifestation, avoiding aggressive overtones. The process of immigration and change of residence led her to a forced disconnection from her cultural foundations. Experiencing the direct presence in the places of active military operations in 2014 and 2022 in Ukraine has influenced the artist to preserve the states which were experienced in critical situations and helped to overcome and achieve a further manifestation of sincerity which was brought with the created image.

The fragmentary technique allows the human image to fluctuate, to be in a state of transition, and yet remain whole at the same time. Combining the dense materiality of the stroke and the semi-abstract airy touch of pure and deep color, the artist incorporates into the image seemingly contradictive things: empiricism and pragmatism, lightness and depth, clarity and spatial hesitation. She creates deconstructed images that explore themes surrounding the illusiveness of the unknown. She refers to the original innocence and sincerity through the union of the spiritual and the material, experienced academicism, and playful adventurism of modernity and nature. Her artistic practices assist the viewer to reach full acceptance.



  • Solo Exhibition Metaphorical Art, Exhibizone .08 Ontario, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Curves 07, Online, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Artistonish Rebellion, Exhibizone 15.07- 15.09, Toronto, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Portraits, Gallerium, 10.07- 10.09, Toronto, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Gap, Gallerium, 15.06- 15.08, online, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Wings, 01.06- 31.07, Ontario, Canada
  • Group Exhibition Wings, 14.05- 17.05, Taormina, Italy
  • Group Exhibition When will the war end? The month of Ukraine in Europe 21.04 Nice, France
  • Group Exhibition Women 08.03- 08.04, Ontario, Canada
  • Group Exhibition When will the war end? The month of Ukraine on Europe 24.03 Riga, Latvia
  • Group Exhibition When will the war end? The month of Ukraine on Europe 10.03 Timisoara, Romania
  • Group Exhibition Buildathon NFT Miami, 10.03-14.03, Miamі, USA
  • Group Exhibition When will the war end? The month of Ukraine in Europe 02.03 Nice, France
  • Group Exhibition The Crypt Gallery 18.02 - 20.03, Los Angeles, USA
  • Group Exhibition NFT Generation Art Show, Blockchain economy, 27.02- 29.02, London, UK


  • Group Exhibition Free people, NFT Generation, prize The Best NFT, 27.10- 21.11, Ortigia, Italy
  • Group Exhibition, Mecenate fine art, 1.09 – 1.10 Rome, Italy
  • Solo Exhibition/ VR performance, Balitwin, 4.09, Uluwatu, Bali
  • Group Exhibition Digital and contemporary art show "NFT generation", Ortigia, Sicily
  • Group Exhibition Free people, Blockchain economy, 27.08- 30.08 Istanbul, Turkey
  • Solo Exhibition/ VR performance, Synergy Global, 06.08, Ubud, Bali
  • Solo Exhibition/ VR performance, Muralfest, 4.08, Blockchain Economic Conference, Ubud, Bali
  • Group Exhibition Metaverse Born, 10.06 – 30.06 Chicago, USA


  • Group Exhibition Fine of Art, Lviv National Academy of Art, 09.08-20.09, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Group Exhibition of the Department of Restoration at the Museum of Sheptytsky, 05.05 – 20.06, Lviv, Ukraine


  • Solo Exhibition Psychological Portrait Lviv National Academy of Art Gallery, 01.01 – 25.02 Lviv, Ukraine


  • Publication Artistonish issue #35
  • Publication Artistonish issue #34
  • Interview Gallery M&Art agents International Art Magazine no.10

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